About Us

Many of us now know that a whole-foods plant-based diet is the only way of eating that has evidence showing that it is supportive of long-term health. We are all greatly indebted to Dean Ornish, T. Colin Campbell and Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. among others for their research in the field.

When people transition away from the standard western ways of eating towards a WFPB diet there are obstacles to overcome - our reliance on salt, fat, sugar, animal products and processed foods as well as learning to cook in new ways and enjoy new foods. Lots of people start with wonderful intentions, having seen one of the powerful documentaries showing this way of eating, but struggle and fall into a pattern of trying hard but feeling disillusioned.

Destination Plant Based is a resource to help, support and encourage the transition, through information, recipes and a kind community.

Along with being whole-food plant-based ourselves, we are raising two ‘plant-strong’ sons.  In 2017 Susannah completed the eCornell Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition.  Below are details of what the certificate covered:

Nutrition Research

The Scientific Method and research study types

Assessing paradigms of ways of viewing nutrition

Interpreting historical data

Major studies in plant based nutrition

Outliers:  Papua New Guinea Islanders, Okinawans, the Masai, Inuit


The Politics of Food and Nutrition

Impact of food production on the environment


Food policy and politics

National food guidelines

School food politics

Politics of meat and dietary guidelines



Glycaemic Index





Triglycerides and Essential Fatty Acids


Principles of food and health




B12 supplementation

The supplements industry

Analysing the validity of supplementation


Diseases of Affluence - Cancer

The stages of cancer development

Casein as a carcinogen


Role of phytoestrogens, polyphenols, sulphoraphanes, omega-3 and tocotrienols in inhibiting angiogenesis

Gene expression and telomere research

Lifestyle impact on gene expression


Diseases of Affluence - Heart Disease

Heart disease

The role of saturated fat in heart disease

The biology of coronary heart disease

The role of nitric oxide in maintaining healthy cardiovascular system


Preventing and reversing heart disease

Eating for a healthy heart


Diseases of Affluence - Obesity and Diabetes



Insulin resistance


The Whole-Foods Plant-Based Diet

Changing behaviours

The Pleasure Trap

Setting Goals

The whole-foods approach versus reductionism


Gluten Free

Weight Loss Diets

Raising a WFPB family

Gestational Diabetes

Giving babies cows’ milk

Fitness and the WFPB lifestyle

Muscle Growth