The Nori-Roll Rules

by Susannah White
Jan 17, 2018
The Nori-Roll Rules

Many of us who are seeking to follow a plant-based way of eating realise that we need to incorporate seaweed into our diet to ensure intake of iodine.  Here are some tips to help anyone starting out with nori:

Rule 1:  Make sure everyone in the household can roll nori - watch a Youtube tutorial together if necessary.  Once you practise a little, it's easy.  Even young children can participate.  This means that when you prepare nori rolls all you do is gather together all of the ingredients and each person rolls their own.  The photo shows my eight year old son - he's been rolling his own sushi/nori for years.

Rule 2:  Experiment with different fillings.  What one person loves as their filling, another may dislike intensely.  Seaweed is quite a strong flavour, so I tend to like sweet and tangy fillings.

Rule 3:  How to cook the rice properly:  if you're using traditional sushi rice, you really do need to scrub it before cooking.  Put it in a large pan, fill with water and then get your hands in there and scrub the rice like it's laundry.  Repeat three times.  We find that cooking the rice (with the amount of water recommended on the packaging) for 10 minutes with a lid on and then keeping the lid firmly on for a further 20 minutes helps to achieve a good texture rice.  If you're avoiding rice, then freshly cooked quinoa works well.

Rule 3:  If you want to slice up the rolls, you will need a very sharp knife - not a job suitable for children, this one.  Make sure your knife is wet and it will cut better.

Some Filling Ideas:

Avocado and marinated tofu - this works exceptionally well
Onion, shiitake, mushroom, garlic and Chinese leaf chopped small and fried together with some vegetable stock (and a pinch of 5-spice) or plum sauce.  Sweet chilli sauce also works well.
Grated carrot and avocado - this is quite bland but might work well for someone who is unsure of strong flavours