Crazy about Cruciferous

by Susannah White
Oct 12, 2019
Crazy about Cruciferous

Cabbage, kale and cavolo nero - three of our favourite things!
We aim to eat about 150g-170g of greens and cruciferous vegetables each a day as they are so beneficial to health.  But how do we cram that much veg into our weekly menu? 

Our food shopping arrived today - hooray!  Each week the fridge gets rammed with loads of cruciferous vegetables and here is a list of this week's goodies and the meals we're going to include them in:

1.  Pointed cabbage - shredded finely in cassoulet and coleslaw
2.  Broccoli - pizza and roast
3.  Cauliflower - steamed with some creamed coconut and curry powder as an accompaniment to dahl
4.  Cavolo nero - chopped into chilli, as a side veg for our Sunday roast and whizzed up in pesto
5.  Kale - finely shredded into mulligatawny in place of spinach
6.  Pak choi - tofu korma

Why the obsession with eating lots of cruciferous veg?  Well, they...
  • reduce cholesterol
  • increase antioxidants
  • help you think more clearly
  • help to detox air pollution
  • help to improve respiratory defenses
  • reduce inflammation
...and finally are thought to be chemopreventive (helping reduce risk of cancer).

There are so many ways to include green leafy vegetables and cruciferous vegetables in your meals; this is just a starting point.  How will you eat yours? .